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Higher Secondary Education:

RUADT works on advancing education to a higher grade for special children.Secondary education encourages special children to participate in public exams and self-motivates them about their capability of attending exams.Has qualified educators who train students in individual subjectsandpromote them to the next level of their life.

Sensory Room For Kindergarten:

RUADT newly created a sensory room exclusively for children with autism. The sensory room helps them to improve their ability to overcome behavioral difficulties and expand their physical and cognitive skills. Multi-sensory environment enhances and develops the five senses of the children.

Physically Challenged children Welfare Program

The Physically Challenged children's welfare program is a monthly initiative for providing grocery kits to the parents of special children who are genuinely poor and needy. For the month of July, grocery kits were distributed to 21 parents.

Independence Day Celebration:

Our children had a wonderful time celebrating India's Independence Day on 15th August. They proudly hoisted the Indian national flag and showed their utmost respect and patriotism towards it. We also shared some delicious sweets and celebrated the momentous occasion to commemorate India's 77 years of independence. It was a truly memorable day for all of us

Behavioural Management Class:

Our new initiative, called the Behavioural Management Class is designed to help special children develop critical social skills and behavioral skills in a community setting. Our educators educate basic attitudes and teach essential etiquette to prepare the students to be socially optimistic in their behavior. It's an excellent opportunity for children to learn and grow!

Story Time

Educators share amazing stories with children and, they get to learn so many important moral life lessons from them. Children always look forward to this hour of the day because it's so interesting and engaging. Plus, they watch the stories too which makes it even more fun! We think it's helping us become more responsible and creative too.

Social Inclusion

It's really great that our special children get to experience Social Inclusion by visiting public places like local tea stalls as a part of BMC, which was themed "food" for August. It's an excellent opportunity for them to learn how to behave and communicate with others in a safe and supervised environment. Learning how to use money to buy their tea and snacks is also a valuable life skill.


Onam is one of the important festivals of Kerala state, Tamilnadu's neighboring state. The day is celebrated by decorating rangoli with flowers and lighting the lamp. Our children enjoyed the day by sharing sweets and singing devotional songs. It is necessary that we celebrate to be secular and diverse as a country.

Nutritional Programme:

RUADT is taking steps to promote the health of kindergarten kids through its Nutrition Programme. The mission is to provide nutritious food that would prevent nutritional deficiency in growing kids. Foods like dhal, pulses, seasonal fruits, eggs, and vegetables can significantly improve the growth, well-being, and immunity of the kids.

Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanthi is a festival celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna,
the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
Children dressed up like Krishna and Radha and shared Prasad with their friends and teachers

Parents Self Welfare Group:

RUADT successfully trained the mothers of special children interested in tailoring courses and procured tailoring machines free of cost for them by tying up with a private donor agency. For this month, around 11 mothers were provided with a tailoring machine,which would help the mothers lead a self-sustained life by earning money through tailoring.

Quaterly Evaluation:

Our special children have their progress evaluated every quarter, with their parents present during the tests. The special educators assess their writing, listening, speaking, and other skills to test their strengths and areas that require improvement. This evaluation helps us track the progress of the children and identify any areas where they might.

Dental Camp:

A dental Camp was conducted by the Signature Dental Clinic in the Balamurugan Special School campus. All special children were screened by the Dentists. They also gave lessons about primary dental care and educated about oral hygiene.