Special School



Location : Bodinayakanur,
Year of beginning : 2000 Enrolled : 120 +



Children's Village

Location : Theni,
Year of beginning : 2009 Enrolled : 70 +



special school

Location : Uthamapalayam, Year of beginning : 2005 Enrolled : 60 +



Special School

Location : Palanichettypatti, Year of beginning : 2021 Enrolled : 60 +


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the school have transport facilities? Yes, The school provides good transportion. Every bus has a teacher to ensure proper discipline & safety of students. Moreover, Special Educators are responsible to pick & drop the children to their respective stops within an hour of the school starting and getting over. For ensuring additional safety of our students, speed governor is installed in buses with speed limit set at 40kms/h

2. Does the school provides physiotherapy? Indeed, RUADT offers physiotherapy. The physiotherapist intercedes to help and develop gross motor skills and mobility of the children with special needs. Moreover they assesses and manages children and young persons suffering from movement disorders and disabilities.

3.What kind of special children are studying in the school? RUADT Schools have lots of different types of special childrens studying. Some of them are Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Downsyndrom, Intellectual Diasability, Muscular Dystropy and so on.

4.From which age the children's are enrolled in the school? Age limit : 2 years - 25 years

5.Is there Vocational Training in the school? Yes, we have vocational Training. The RUADT students prepare Soap Oil, Toys, Earings and Bangles, Greeting Cards, Paper Bags, Knitted Bags and so on. Additionally we are giving Tailoring Course, Sanitary making course and 3D model Courses.